Nature Tapestry - Earth Tapestry - Fabric Tapestry - Van Gogh

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Decorate your Home with the breathtaking beauty of our Earth with this Nature Tapestry. Made with a High Definition, all over Print of our incredible Planet, this Earth Tapestry is a perfect gift item for your Home living room, office, or as shade at your favorite Festival. Delight the senses and engage your mind with this Fabric Tapestry. Made in USA.

• Corner Loops for hanging ease.
• Hem around the entire Tapestry.
• InVisions uses High Definition Printing on soft, breathable Fabrics, which never fades or shrinks.
• We Cut, Print then Sew, for Perfect Image alignment. No white lines on this beautiful piece of Art.
• Each piece is handcrafted in sunny California (USA).
• High Performance Fabric - 100% Polyester
• Measures 58 inches high by 38 inches wide
• Immerse yourself in a 3D Landscape of our incredible Earth, with our Printed Tapestries.

You'll Love how this brilliant Image of our Earth, adapted from a Satellite Image of the Mohave Desert, comes alive on your Wall. Airplane contrails cut across the southern California Mojave Desert. The shadows from the contrails cast dark lines across the ground. Contrails form when cold, dry air mixes with warmer aircraft exhaust. Mountains and a few dry lakebeds provide a backdrop to this scene, along with bright green spots of agriculture along the Colorado River.

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