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InVisions is an Adventurously Modern Clothing Company that offers Stunning High Resolution NASA Satellite Images of our incredible Earth on Apparel.  Inspired by our Love of Travel and the Beauty of the world we inhabit, we create Comfortable Clothing that is perfect for the Nature Lover, Travel, Yoga, Festival and Athleisure Lifestyle.

It all started on a shoestring budget and a desire to see the world, from backpacking in the Majestic Himalayas Mountains, to exploring the Ancient Mayan Ruins of Central America.  The wonders of the world beckoned….

Woven through the tapestry of these Amazing places, was our interest and pursuit of exceptional Textiles and Fabrics.  Motifs that appeared in Nature and enthralled us at Temples were so eloquently expressed on Fabric.  Thus, in 1993 April began our Clothing Company Crystal Tara, which was dedicated to combining ancient Eastern Fabrics with Modern Western Design.

Embarking on her Travels, she met Dennis, who joined Crystal Tara in 1999, when they discovered they had a mutual Love for Fashion, as well as each other.

Motivated by our Love of Art, in 2003, we started on a new Adventure and took on a New Name: InVisions.  Our mission was to create a line of Beautiful Wearable Art that could transport the wearer to an immersive, Visionary landscape.  Reaching further and farther than the conventional T-shirts, we used an innovative All Over Screen Print.  Licensing Images from World-renowned Artists, such as Mark Henson, Alex Grey, Michael Green and many more.  We painstakingly applied their Art onto Apparel, using High Quality, Eco~Friendly water based inks that are good for the Planet and good for You!  The results are our vibrant, Visionary Collection.

Preparing for our Travels, we looked at countless Maps and became aware of the Fractal Nature of these incredible places.  For instance, a Delta, viewed from above, looks like an intricate Tree, stretching its branches out to the horizon.  We found these Patterns of Earth, to be remarkably compelling and soothing.  Much like the feeling you get from going for a walk in nature.  We realized that these Organic Art Forms that are mirrored both around us and within us, would look truly Amazing on Clothing.  Thus began the inspiration for our Earthscapes Collection.  

Earthscapes Apparel, Celebrates Earth's Beauty, by transforming its Patterns, Textures and Colors, as captured by Satellites, into Wearable Art.  Our Earthscapes Clothing features: Soft, Dynamic Fabrics that are Excellent for the Yoga, Athleisure and Travel wardrobe, packing up small and wrinkle resistant.  In addition, our Comfortable Clothing transitions easily from a day in Nature, to a Night out.  Each Apparel item comes with an Interactive Hang Tag, that when scanned, allows you to Virtually Travel on a fun and Educational Adventure, to the exact location on Google Maps where the Image originates.  All Made with Care, right here in California (USA)Supporting Local Businesses and people.

From the Deserts to the Sea, and all that is in between, our hope is to share the Splendor and Magic of the Planet we inhabit, with YOU!  May you feel the Wonders of the World in our Fabrics, the Awe of Adventure in our Images, and the Joy of Being in our Designs and may we Treasure and Preserve our Beautiful Planet, so Future Generations can also Explore and Enjoy this Amazing Earth.  With Love, April & Dennis

InVisions~ Explore our World in Adventurously Modern Clothing


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