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InVisions is an Adventurously Modern Clothing Company that offers Stunning, High Resolution NASA Satellite Images of our incredible Earth on Apparel. 

Inspired by our Love of Travel and the Beauty of the world.  We create Comfortable, High Quality Clothing, that is perfect for the Nature Lover, Travel, Festival, Yoga and Athleisure Lifestyle.

It all started at 16, when my older girlfriend, invited me to join her in Mazatlan, Mexico for her Graduation Celebration, in the cold month of December.  Living in Minnesota, I was no stranger to brutally cold winters; Temperatures as low as −60 °F (−51 °C).  So when she talked of warm water, sun soaked beaches, delicious cuisine and cold margaritas, visions of bliss danced in my head.  To say the least, I was in.

Flying like a bird, in a plane, was one of my greatest passions.  And in fact, this was just what I wanted to become once I graduated, an Airplane Pilot.  Looking down at the extraordinary landscapes unfurl, from 35,000 feet above, took my breath away.  The beauty, smell, tastes and discoveries of this first adventure inspired countless others; thus awaking a dormant desire to not only Pilot a plane, but be a passenger in one; exploring our world.

Visiting Indonesia in 1992 and taking a course in the Art of Batik, (which is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to cloth), affirmed my love of indigenous Art and Textiles, setting the tone for my career in Fashion Design and Production that would span 4 countries: India, Thailand, Bali and now the United States.

In 1999, after successfully invoking Prince's song, I met my best friend, soulmate and Business Partner, Dennis Toseland, who was able to masterfully elevate our Business to new heights.  Attending the biggest Trade shows across the country and expanding our network of happy customers.

Throughout the 24 years of being in Business, our Love of Nature, great Adventures and Exploring the mystical landscapes within, have kept us excited, interested and motivated to create Artistic, Travel friendly and unique Clothing for you to enjoy.

From the Deserts to the Sea, and all that is in between, may you Feel the Wonders of the World in our Fabrics, the Awe of Adventure in our Images and the Joy of Being in our Designs.

Love, Light and many great Adventures,

April & Dennis

InVisions~ Adventurously Modern Clothing


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