InVisions is Sustainable Clothing Made in USA

InVisions is Sustainable Fashion

1.) Earthscapes Clothing is made in sunny California (USA) supporting local Businesses.
InVisions is Made in USA
2.) InVisions uses High Performance Recyclable fabrics for all of our Sublimation Printing.
InVisions uses Sustainable Fabrics
3.) InVisions Cuts, Prints and Sews, which results in little to No Fabric waste.
InVisions is Sustainable Clothing & Fashion
4.) InVisions uses Sublimation Printing Technology, which eliminates all of the toxic chemical processes associated with conventional Screen Printing. Resulting in less energy use and cleaner water.
5.) In addition, what the Cheap Fashion industry doesn’t want you to know, is that by Buying that Cheap roll Printed Garment, we may be paying a Small Price initially, but the Real Price that we pay for Disposable Fashion, in terms of actual Cost in Resources, is tremendous. InVisions uses High Quality Fabrics and Printing, to ensure that your Garment lasts a long time.
InVisions is sustainable Fashion
We are Proud to offer a Sustainable Clothing Line that Celebrates Earth’s Beauty, its Precious Resources and YOU!

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