Why Earthscapes?

Why on Earth did you create Earthscapes?

We are living in an unprecedented time where we have the extraordinary ability to literally look back at ourselves, and the environments that sustain us. The profusion of Satellite images of our incredible world gives us a clear, detailed look of our Amazing Planet, as never seen before.

InVisions Why Earthscapes Clothing

Printed with actual NASA Satellite Images, Earthscapes Clothing invites people to gaze at these amazing views of our Planet and be inspired and uplifted by the beauty of these environments. In this way, we hope to create a catalyst for awareness, dialogue and awe of the incredible wonders of this Earth, while at the same time bringing the soothing patterns of the natural world to our Clothing and You.

Whya EarthscapesClothing?

Our Earthscapes Clothing offers Stunning, High Resolution NASA Satellite Images of our incredible Earth.

Earthscapes Images

Interactive Hang Tags on every item, that when scanned, allows you to Virtually Travel on a Fun and Educational Adventure, to the exact location on Google Maps where the Image originates.


With Earthscapes, we will Inspire you with our Planet’s Breathtaking Colors and Patterns. Educate with Images located throughout our Amazing Earth. And Empower, with Soft, Dynamic Fabrics, in easy to wear Contemporary Designs. 

We are so Happy you are here!

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