Alex Grey Psychedelic Womens Jacket - Collective Vision

$ 65.00

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Art by Alex Grey

The many faces of Collective Vision united by the Mandalic eye-field suggest both expansion of consciousness and sharing of consciousness with other beings.  The painting was based on a profoundly ego dissolving entheogenic mystical trance where I heard the words, ‘Infinite Oneness... the Oneness should never forget the Infinitude and the Infinitude should never forget the Oneness.

This versatile, lightweight jacket, is the perfect accessory for Burning Man and beyond!  With a comfortable Style that compliments any body type, Brilliant wrap around Imagery and two side pockets to hold all of your goodies.

We Care about our Planet.  We use only Water Based inks for all of our Printing to create Soft, Breathable Fabrics and Preserve our Planets Precious resources.

Fabric Content: 65% Cotton/35% Poly

We are so Happy you are here!

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