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InVisions is an Adventurously Modern Clothing Company that offers beautiful, stylish and unique Printed Apparel and Accessories. Inspired by our Love of Travel and the Beauty of the world. We create comfortable, High quality Clothing that features vivid visions of Earth, to Visionary Art inspired by Music, Dance, Yoga and Meditation. Our passion is to envelop you in visions that are deeply meaningful, and beautiful, while maintaining a sense of ease and freedom in all of our styles. From Mens wicking T-shirts, to silky smooth Dresses, we want you to look and feel great, wherever you may go. The Genesis of InVisions began in India, in 1993, with our profound love of Travel. The more we explored, the more the world opened up. Revealing a vast horizon of possibilities…colorful, warm and embracing. Our Adventures took us from the breathtaking Temples of Central America, to the beaches of Brazil. From the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Egypt, to the star lit streets of Japan. From the ancient civilizations of India, where we witnessed the ultimate dance of our Cosmos, a Total Eclipse of the Sun, to deep into the heart of Thailand, which we called our second home, for many years. We met exciting, charismatic people along the way and felt the freedom of Adventure in every cell of our bodies. Woven through the tapestry of these amazing places, was our interest and pursuit of exquisite textiles and fabrics. Motifs that appeared in nature, enthralled us at Temples, and enchanted us in daily existence, were so eloquently expressed on fabric. The allure and feel of silk, the ornate detail intricately woven into cotton, captured a sense of living history that we could hold in our hands and wear on our bodies. Thus, in 1993 InVisions was born. Throughout the last 26 years InVisions has continued to explore the dynamic, colors, textures and patterns that unite us all as One Planet, one living organism. To travel the world and witness the interconnectedness of all life, in its myriad cultures, languages and biodiversity, has been the greatest gift. With our Clothing line, we hope to pass some essence of this onto you. From the Deserts to the Sea may you feel the wonders of the world in our fabrics, the awe of adventure in our images and the joy of being in our designs. InVisions – Adventurously Modern Clothing Delight the senses and engage your mind

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