Gypsy Dress-National Geographic Clothing-Map Dress-Nature Clothing

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This playful, visually striking Nature Dress is perfect for the Modern Gypsy celebrating our beautiful Planet. Made with our Silky, Super Soft, Glossy Flow Fabric. This Dress has a lovely stretch, a very slight sheen and an excellent drape. Constructed with 2 layers and an open back design, this dynamic Dress conceals and reveals at the same time. Made in sunny California (USA).

• Immerse yourself in a 3D Landscape of our incredible Earth, with our all over Printed Dress.
• InVisions uses High Definition Printing, on soft, breathable Fabrics, which never fades or shrinks.
• We Cut, Print, then Sew, for Perfect Image alignment. No white lines to mar this beautiful piece of Art.
• Each piece is handcrafted in sunny California (USA).
• 90% Glossy Flow Poly, 10% Spandex

You'll Love how this brilliant Image of our Earth, adapted from a Satellite Image of Lena Delta comes alive on your body. Deltas are the unsung Heroes of our Planet, fertilizing hundreds of thousands of miles across our Earth as they distribute nutrient rich sediment from Rivers to the shorelines. Like the great Tree of Life: The Lena Delta in Siberia stretches its branches to the horizon, bringing new fertile land into being. Spilling into the Arctic ocean, this Delta is one of the largest in the world.

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