Psychedelic Art On Clothing or on the Walls- We love it

Dennis Toseland

Posted on October 13 2015

Without a doubt there has been a groundswell of Psychedelic or Visionary art bubbling up at the many gatherings and festivals on the west coast. Almost any festival these days has an art gallery or at the very least some live painting going on. 

At the amazing Symbiosis Gathering this year, we especially enjoyed the collaborative painting zone and the artspace building it was housed in.  A joy of collective discovery and play.

We've seen an explosion of Psychedelic and Visionary Art on T shirts just in the last 2 years.  Adding color and dimension to the Dance floors all over.  Wearing this Art takes it off of the walls and into an interactive 3D space, merging free expression of both the internal and external realities.


We've been showcasing the Art of Alex Grey, Carey Thompson, Mark Henson, Michael Green, Robert Venosa (to name a few) for many years, on our clothing line.  It's been nice to see the creative efforts of many of the new visionary & psychedelic artists coming out on clothing as well.

Alex Grey Art on Clothing colorizes the dancefloor and adds an extra dimension of trippiness.


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